Playmobil The movie VR Adventure

Playmobil The VR Adventure is a promotional VR game for Playmobil the movie. It contains 3 short games and I was in charge of the whole design of Operation cold shoulder.



Designing the Operation Cold Shoulder game mechanics

Designing the AI Behaviour of the enemy

Designing interaction in the game

I was in charge of all the design decision in the VR team

Communicate the game mechanics and the vision of the project to our programmers.


Designing the steam page

Creating a modular kit

Level design


Unity 5

Maya 2019

Power Point



Operation Cold Shoulder

You are a secret agent with the mission to save Del from S.K.U.L.L base. You have a special watch that allows to teleport yourself in a different location in the level.



The guards vision

In the early prototype, we need it a way to show to the player the guard vision range to help him not been detected. It was a diegetic solution and we all agree to test it out. It was working well with 1 or 2 guards but as soon as we increase the number we face some performance issues because realtime light in VR is highly costly. We had to change the visual representation to something less costly and we replace the light by some pulse fx it was less diegetic but it turns out to work pretty well.

Using decoy

When we first prototype the use of an object to lure guards away the player had to throw the object in the hearing range of the guard. It was working but it was a bit hard for the player to gauge the range he had to throw the object from the guard. We decide to make a detection zone around the throwing object and we represent it with a pulse effect that needs to touch the guard for him to switch states. It was easier for the player to know the range of sound that the object was making.

Level Design

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